Jr cybearguide test answers

These are the answers for the bearville jr cybearguide test. I hope I helped!

Question: Where can you rename your furry friends?

Answer: you cant rename furry friends                                                                                                         Question: where can you characher sit and be seen reading a book?

Answer: The libeary

Question: Where can you play the pie eating contest?

Answer: Friendship forest park.

Question: Where can you start the environmently pawsome nature walk?

Answer: Pawsitivley green center.

Question: Where can you find ted the tailor?

Answer: Pawlette colour boutique

Question: Where can you buy more rooms for your cub condo house?

Answer: Lumbear yard

Question: In what game can you find a message in a bottle?

Answer: Dive beary deep

Question: If someone asked you for help what would you do?

Answer: Help them

Question:  If you didn't like it when strangers visited you cub condo house what would you do?

Answer: Change you cub condo options so only friends could visit.

Question: If you saw a citizen asking for others passwords what would you do?

Answer: Report them

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